Virtual events must be more creative

Event planners should be applying the same professional and creative approach to virtual meetings and events as they do live ones if they want to remain competitive, says Eclipse managing director Robin Purslow.

Video meetings, webinars and other online events have temporarily replaced live meetings, conferences and award ceremonies since lockdown began, but Purslow believes many are failing to realise their professional and creative potential, so could be missing out on current and future revenue.

The appetite for virtual events remains high. In the latest Pulse Survey by Northstar Meetings Group, 84% of respondents said their greatest need right now is virtual event platforms.

However, the focus for many is simply to find a platform with the ability to host their event and that delegates can log into, with little thought to the rest of the delivery.

Yet, according to a survey by AIM Group International, 78% of corporate sponsors are interested in investing in virtual events, but only if participant interaction is guaranteed.

To enable event planners to deliver a successful event on a virtual platform, creative event production company Eclipse has launched its Virtual Events Studio.

The new service is a one-stop-shop for those planning any form of virtual event that they want to make impactful, attention-grabbing and awe-inspiring.

Clients work closely with Eclipse’s experienced team to design their perfect virtual event and maintain full production value, with Eclipse advising on best shots and sound before the event or recording begins to ensure seamless delivery.

The studio can also be used to project presentations and graphics, such as sponsor logos, for the speaker to reference, while the latest green screen technology provides an augmented reality backdrop. Here the studio team will advise clients on the best way to engage partners and provide clearer return on investment to sponsors.

Audience engagement can be a mark of an event’s success, but it is not always possible to gauge when the event is delivered virtually. Eclipse’s Virtual Events Studio allows audiences to engage with content using chat and social media integrations, with functionality tailored to the needs of each client.

Robin Purslow continues: “In the rush to continue delivering events during the Coronavirus pandemic, many event planners have forgotten, or have been unable to apply the same high standards to virtual events that they’d expect when delivering live ones. DIY solutions may have meant they have also missed out on vital revenue from sponsorship, or attendance fees.

“While we await a return to physical events, virtual events are likely to be around for many more months to come, so Eclipse has been working hard to create a solution for event planners to make virtual or hybrid events as successful as possible.

“Our Virtual Events Studio pushes the boundaries in virtual event production and our range of solutions can help event planners deliver professional and creative events, that just happen to be online.”

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