Eclipse Attend The AV Alliance Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Cape Town

Last week, Robin(CEO) and Jamie(CSO) once again, took the opportunity to represent our company at the AV Alliance Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Cape Town, South Africa.  The AV Alliance is a global network of premium audio-visual and event production companies, bringing you state-of-the-art technology and solutions for any live, virtual, or hybrid event in 50 countries and 100+ locations worldwide.

Hosted by Gearhouse South Africa, the AGM was not just a meeting but a celebration of our network’s power, the drive for learning, networking and a commitment to sustainability.

One of the standout moments was learning about Gearhouse South Africa’s training academy. Witnessing their dedication to knowledge sharing was truly inspirational, mirroring the ambitions of the AV Alliance’s own training program. These discussions on education and development showcased the vast potential of collective learning within our network.

The AGM was also a tech enthusiast’s dream. Since Barco unveiled their latest Encore 3 model at ISE earlier this year, we had the opportunity to quiz and discuss the unit directly with the suppliers providing us with in-depth insights into its capabilities. Disguise shared exciting news about a new platform they’re bringing to the market, piquing our interest in the innovative possibilities it promises. Meanwhile, Theatrixx walked us through their roadmap of new products, announcing plans to compile a document that enhances cross-hiring and sub-rental opportunities among AV Alliance partners. This initiative is a game-changer, facilitating better resource utilisation and collaboration within our network.

Our collaborative projects with partners AVFX, Stage Vision, and Neumann & Muller — all inbound enquiries to the UK in recent weeks — were a testament to the strength of our alliance. Moreover, our international collaborations, including those with AV alliance members from Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States have not only been a boon for our business but have also significantly contributed to our sustainability efforts.

The AV alliance AGM in Cape Town was a powerful reminder of what we can achieve together. Through innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to making a difference, we’re not just advancing our industry but also making a positive impact in sustainability within the global AV and production market.

This year’s AGM has left us energised and more committed than ever to our collective goals. We look forward to bringing these insights and innovations back to our team and continuing to contribute to our industry’s growth and sustainability.

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