Eclipse has over 30 years’ experience in delivering award-winning creative and technical solutions for events, from award ceremonies and conferences, to product launches and exhibitions across both physical and virtual platforms.

Eclipse’s virtual event studio offers hybrid solutions to enhance any programme, where either all or part of your event is run within an online environment. This offers an integrated solution that can make your event as flexible and interactive as possible, allowing accessibility to both your audience and presenters wherever they are.

Registrants who cannot physically attend an event can navigate around a virtual environment, where they can interact with speakers and sponsors, whilst visiting different aspects including networking lounges, bespoke zones, speaker prep rooms and sponsor booths. An event that is either fully virtual or with a virtual component can engage attendees wherever they are based and create memorable moments through value-added experiences. All attendees can watch both live and recorded presentations from exhibitors, speakers and sponsors, all hosted on a microsite, which is brought to users through an online platform. In addition, all the presentations and resources from the event can be accessed virtually after the event is finished to ensure no part of the programme is missed.

Our team work in partnership with clients, venues and other service providers to ensure we deliver a solution that best supports the nature, size and objectives of any event, utilising our in-house team of experienced and passionate professionals to create, design, produce and deliver exceptional programmes.

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If you’re looking to explore the capabilities of a virtual event, create a hybrid event or enhance your entire event programme, contact the Eclipse team on +44 (0) 20 8662 644 to find out more about how our alternative solutions can support your event objectives.