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Planning & Logistics

Planning & Logistics

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Marketing & Promotion

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Post-Event Management

…and everything else!

…and everything else!

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The secret sauce to our impeccable service is our team of over 100 experts, each contributing a unique skill set and boundless creativity.

Frequently asked questions…

How do you ensure the sustainability of an event?

Sustainability is integral to our ethos. From utilising eco-friendly materials to responsible waste management, we adhere to stringent sustainability practices to minimise environmental impact.

What safety protocols do you follow for live events?

Safety is our utmost priority. We strictly adhere to health and safety guidelines, including risk assessments, crowd management, and emergency response plans to ensure a secure environment for all attendees.

How do you handle last-minute changes or emergencies?

Our seasoned team is adept at adaptive planning. Whether it's last-minute changes or unexpected challenges, we're equipped to make swift, effective decisions to ensure the event's success.

Do you provide post-event analytics and reports?

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive post-event analytics to provide insights into attendee engagement, ROI, and other key performance indicators, helping you measure the success of your event.

Can you manage multi-location or international events?

Yes, our global footprint allows us to manage events across multiple locations or international borders, ensuring a cohesive experience irrespective of geography.

What sets Eclipse apart from other event management companies?

Our three-decade legacy, coupled with a multidisciplinary team and innovative approach, enables us to offer unparalleled event solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Other services...


From conceptualisation to execution, our creative services deliver bespoke designs that breathe life into your events and brand launches.

Event Design
& Build

We craft immersive and engaging environments tailored to your event's objectives, ensuring a memorable experience for all.


As a leading technical production company, we offer comprehensive solutions for both live and hybrid events, making the impossible possible.


Our end-to-end event management services cover all bases, from catering to lighting, ensuring a seamless and extraordinary event.

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