What is Set Design? Everything You Need to Know About it For Your Events

When you think of set design, your mind may go to a lot of different places. You may think of it as being related to movies, plays, and other theatrical productions involving costume, lighting, and extravagant set models. This is the most common and well-known place to utilize set designers.

However, set design has a scope that reaches far beyond that. Between corporate events, fashion shows, award shows, and more, it is truly something that can enhance any live or virtual event and turn it into pure magic.

In this article, we will explain exactly what is set design. We will also go over how having a unique set can take your next event a level higher.

What is Set Design?

A set designer is someone who links all the pieces of a vision together and makes it come to life in the physical world. They work in a variety of different settings with event production and creative teams, bringing an aesthetic appeal to events, shows, sets, and more.

A set designer’s job is to work with directors and organizations to take their ideas and make them into reality for each performance. A designer is a middleman who connects the dots from an imagined idea to the physical existence of that vision.

A set designer can work with backdrops, scale, scenes, and any decor items or props involved in the process, and take all of those concepts and work them together to scale the vision that creative directors have come up with for the event at hand.

Set design and building itself is something visually representative of the event or makes sense with the general concept of the type of event. A set designer deals with the logistics, actually building, organizing, and creating a model for the event.

At Eclipse Global, our creative designer team and director exercise their skills with set production for corporate events, fashion shows, awards shows, and any other kind of performance you could think of. They make memorable and amazing visual displays for these kinds of events.

Healthy & Fit - Set design example made to look like a health bar and consultation area.

What Contributes to Great Set Design?

Our designers use a lot of communication, planning, and a lot of hard work for the execution. Here are some of the factors that help make for a unique performance.

  • Unique perspective: at Eclipse, we have creatives filled with innovative, new, and exciting ideas for each event. We have ample experience in creating aesthetically pleasing and unique set designs. We take each event and create something perfect for the overall vision for that set.
  • Problem-solving: sometimes, our services are less about creative vision and more about creative problem-solving. We have clients who come to us knowing that we can create a solution to their set problem.
  • Efficiency: our mission is to deliver you a unique and impressive set that matches your vision. We do it every time, and we make sure to accommodate the deadlines and the agreed-upon budget for the event.

Teradata Connect - Set design example with 3D projector, engaging lighting and impactful stage presence.What Are the Benefits of Interesting and Great Set Design?

Live events thrive because of excellent set design. Here are some of the benefits of having set designer services at your next event.

  • Engagements: engaging your audience in live events comes from great visuals. Nobody wants to see someone speaking in front of a flat white background. Corporate events shows and every live event is all about the mood the environment creates. For events held virtually, we also offer services to bring life to your events in the digital world.
  • Memorability: events that feature a thoughtful and unique production model are events worth remembering. For iconic events with runway model shows, the set design often is what people remember more than the clothing.
  • Creating a Mood/Setting a Scene: A designer’s job is to create the overall vibe that sets the mood for a live event. The mood has to match the type of event. Great set design, lighting, and production can make a corporate event feel more official, as it can make awards show more classy and extravagant.

Exampel set design for Uber using large projectors, 3D stage props and focused lighting

How to Implement Great Set Design Into Your Live Events

You can take your events to the next level by utilizing set designer services at Eclipse Scenic. Our team will make sure they fully understand your vision, budget, deadlines, and overall expectations to deliver you the perfect event.

No matter what your wants and needs are, we guarantee that we can supply the essential equipment to make your event magical. From 3d design models to lighting to scale models, we will set the scene for your event. If for some reason, we do not have the type of set pieces you desire for your event, our team is fully capable of building something unique for you.

Our team at Eclipse Scenic brings together professionals from many different fields with skills and knowledge of different subjects that all work together to make your vision come to life on stage. With years of experience and loads of talent, our designers, carpenters, and production managers will deliver exactly what you’ve imagined.

To accommodate the changing way of gathering and holding events, at Eclipse Global, we also can provide you with virtual event production. With Eclipse Hybrid, you can accommodate guests attending your event live and virtually. We’ve seen a rise in the need for these kinds of set designs, especially with the global pandemic. We have risen to the challenge and provided our clients with memorable and noteworthy Eclipse Hybrid events.

Leave the set designing to us. We will eliminate the stress of setting up your next event, so you can focus on other important tasks like the event menu, guest speakers, and order of events.

Virtual Set Design - example of a virtual or hybrid event combining a virtual stage presence within a physical environment


No event is complete without a great set design. Whether you are having a corporate event or a more special occasion, the set design is going to be essential to creating an impactful and memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

At Eclipse Scenic, we can create unique set design art, structures to scale and more that will speak to your audience, set the mood for your event, and create high engagement and memorability.

Contact Eclipse Scenic or check out our website page to make your vision come to life.

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