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As many of our loyal and satisfied clients know, Eclipse have been their trusted partner for successful and effective virtual event productions. 2020 saw the increasing demand for an alternative to live events, which is why virtual events are now the favourable option for businesses and event organisers not just in the UK but across the world.

Here at Eclipse, we are passionate about our craft and proud of the work we are doing in providing efficient alternatives for event organisers, which is why in 2020 we produced over 250 innovative virtual events.

Following on from their popularity in 2020, virtual event platforms are the leading choice for event venues in 2021. Deciding on the right platform for your next virtual event may cause confusion and uncertainty however you can rest assured Eclipse are always here to help you make the best decision for you and your event.


Being Platform Savvy

As discussed in our 10 Top Tips for planning a virtual event, choosing the right platform is an important step to ensuring event success. In a market over-flowing with ideas and solutions, being Platform Savvy is how you find the ideal solution for your virtual event. At Eclipse, we have the experience and specialist knowledge to truly understand your event objectives whilst appreciating your priorities so that your next virtual event platform is custom tailored to suit your event. Remember that your virtual platform is where your attendees will come together to interact, engage and enjoy your virtual event.

If you already have a platform solution in mind, our experienced production teams at Eclipse will be able to integrate seamlessly with your plans and ensure that your onscreen production is an engaging, exciting and engrossing experience.

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is critical to the success of any event and has become especially critical in the virtual world, with the key to optimal engagement being quality content and engaging presentations. Harnessing and maintaining attendee’s attention with creative content and exciting productions is a motto we have always lived by, yet it can be increasingly difficult to transition this concept to a virtual platform.

The key is to engage your attendee’s often with simple and seamless tools, there are plenty of options out there to enhance your virtual event including networking areas, feedback surveys, polling and Q&A’s to keep your audience engrossed throughout your event.


At Eclipse, we see data and analytics as a crucial benefit of virtual events because as you know collecting and measuring feedback from your attendee’s can be a challenge during in-person events due to lack of interest in participating or using tools which track their attendance and engagement.

Viewer numbers, viewing time, engagement scores, sponsor interactions – this barely scratches the surface of the analytics at your fingertips when holding a virtual event. When utilised effectively, the further marketing and engagement opportunities can far surpass that of a previously live, in-person event.

Eclipse will help you find the right platform for the figures you need. We are always willing to help our clients in any way we can and with our dynamic team of professionals we will find the unique, creative solution for your next production or event.


Team Eclipse are here to collaborate with you on your upcoming virtual event to ​guarantee the event is a resounding success. We will help you understand your platform options by explaining various specifications, benefits and answer your questions this will enable you to make an informed decision that is right for you.