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Lighting Can Create Atmosphere At Events

Have you ever been to a corporate event where you’ve felt totally uninspired because the venue is too dark, too bright, or just looks generally drab? Pulling off a successful corporate event needs careful planning and attention to detail and interesting lighting is the key to success.

Take your event lighting to the next level and address any issues by using professional event production lighting. Using the appropriate lighting can change the atmosphere and look of any room instantly, turning dull into dazzling with the flick of a switch.

There are many benefits of having interesting event lighting. You can set the tone for the entire day or evening, letting delegates know at a glance the type of event to expect.

Attract people’s attention

Attracting people’s attention gets your corporate conference or event off to a flying start. The right lighting will create and build upon the event’s ambience. Coloured lights can complement the theme.

Corporate planners often go for more dramatic purple, blue and red lights for an evening event, or their brand colours for conferences and meetings. Use different lights depending on the kind of effects you want to create.

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Keep event engagement high

To create an unforgettable event, pay attention to the details. Don’t start off with a bang and go out with a whimper. Keep event engagement high so your attendees leave with a good impression of your brand.

Great lighting can mesmerise and entertain all at once. Try custom stencils that can beam messages across a backdrop of any colour. Marvel at static columns of light against the walls, or dazzling light shows to grab people’s attention.

Help to make your event more enjoyable

Guide delegates through the event using clever lighting. For example, use pin spotting to draw attention to particular features as the evening progresses, such as buffet tables at the relevant time, or the trophy display at an awards ceremony.

Pin spotting can look more dramatic when uplighting is the main source of lighting for your venue. It can be used at any event with centrepieces or features that you want to highlight.

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Create a unique and memorable experience

Transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary one by paying careful attention to the lighting. Give your corporate events the wow factor by taking advantage of the latest equipment and technology to produce memorable event lighting that will transform the venue.

Whether you want an amazing fairy light canopy, with a backdrop of warm white non-flashing fairy lights, stunning stage lighting, a party atmosphere for your annual awards ceremony, festoon lighting, spotlights to highlight those important features, or any other lighting requirements, there are many different options.

Have more control over the event’s mood

When it comes to event lighting hire, the lighting operator has the power to change the colour of the whole room. Green is associated with nature and has been shown to enhance concentration. Sunny yellow lighting directly translates to happiness and joy, so lifts the mood of those present.

Orange isn’t generally a popular colour for lighting, but in moderation, it can promote enthusiasm and creativity. Using interesting event lighting, especially interchanging different colours, can make your event one to remember.

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Take your event lighting to the next level

Make your event lighting noticeable and create atmosphere by considering what effects the different colours will have on the mood of your event and the different kinds of lighting you will be able to have.

With a massive range of lighting options, it’s highly recommended you hire the services of a professional corporate event lighting company to make sure the atmosphere is just right.

Think about your colour scheme

There are many ways you can transform an ordinary-looking venue by using floor-standing uplighting. A popular and cost-effective way is to colour wash the walls to provide the wow factor at your event.

Another way is to highlight some of the venue’s features, such as pillars, statues, fireplaces and plants . You could go for more than one colour scheme, enabling you to make a change for the second part of the gathering if it goes into the evening.

The lighting options are endless, including lovely gold or warm white shades to enhance the mood.

Don’t just use white! Have the lighting and colour scheme reflect your brand and logo. If it’s a conference or corporate event, then lights can be used to project the company’s logo or slogan.

Use lights to project patterns on the ceilings and walls. Add a unique feel to the venue to impress the delegates and make it an event to remember.

Design Your Lighting Plan

Different lighting in different areas

Choose different lighting in different areas, such as bolder, brighter lights in the main conference area, contrasting with warm white or mellow green lights in chill out rooms.

Create dramatic announcements with eye-popping lights to showcase and enhance the value of the content.

Design your lighting plan

Design your lighting plan carefully to cover every area of the room. Spotlights can be used to illuminate the stage or guest speaker. They are a traditional lighting method, used for a variety of purposes.

Pin lighting can be used to illuminate centrepieces, decorations and walls. They are light beams that are used to accent points of interest. These lights are particularly adept at highlighting the things you want delegates to notice.

Think about where you need to put your lighting fixtures. It’s much easier for attendees to find everything if they can see clearly what they’re looking for. Illuminate the stage, bar and exits so everyone knows where they are.

If it’s a conference, it’s incredibly important that all attendees can see what’s happening on the stage. Use the appropriate lighting to highlight the stage. If there is a bar and a buffet, small LED lights or pin lights can draw attention to the food and beverages.

Visit the venue

Visit the venue well in advance to see the size and figure out how many lights you will be able to use. Think about where lighting will be needed and hire the services of a professional to make sure your guests aren’t left disappointed,

Coordinate with your video team

Always coordinate with your video team to make sure the lighting colours match the videos. Have the lights change, depending on the mood of the video by working with a professional provider that possesses the experience, know-how and the necessary equipment to make your event or party a success.

How Eclipse can help

Eclipse can help you to create the best atmosphere at your event with the use of lighting. Founded 30 years ago, we’re one of the leading creative and technical production companies, delivering professional lighting for live events and globally.

Using out-of-the-box thinking and the best in-house equipment, our 100-strong expert team aims to provide a service to our clients that inspires trust and complete confidence. Our creativity, technical excellence and total commitment is highly regarded and valued in the industry.


We also conduct our business in a way that minimises any negative impact on the environment. We use the appropriate environmental practices in our daily operations, including using material from sustainable sources.

We make sure all company vehicles meet the required emission standards. As a responsible modern business, we recycle all materials, a mandatory requirement. We will always consider the environmental impact of any new product or working practices.

Over the past ten years, we have been evolving and developing our product. We continually work hard behind the scenes to provide the latest technology. Combined with our industry leading knowledge, we aim to deliver the best solutions to all our clients.

Contact us with details of your next project and we will discuss how to make it a success while sticking to your budget. We are London’s leading live event company, specialising in using AV equipment to design a choice of creative sets to captivate audiences.

Eclipse offers a collection of lighting, audio and visual video content that can be adapted for any location. Our expert team carefully study each brief, working hard to ensure we fully connect with the clients during the build.

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Avoid the stress of event planning, and contact your friendly team at Eclipse for a free consultation today. Anything is possible and we always go the extra mile to make your event one to be remembered.