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When organising a conference or major event, it is important to make sure that everything is in the right place at the right time. After all, the wrong video playing at the wrong time, or an LED display misrepresenting the timetable could stop your company from having the right impact, and harm the effectiveness of your conference’s message.

Eclipse and our LED studio can offer quality support for your conference, helping you to keep control over every aspect of your event. From the first speech to the last keynote, you can work with an organiser that is always on the same page.

If you’re interested in an LED screen for your conference, please get in touch with the Eclipse team.

We make use of the latest technology to offer your company an LED solution that will last and finally finish your search for a conference partner.

Email us today to find out more information about our work and complete your search for an LED company you can trust.

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Digital Signage

Navigating a conference is the first step to success. The number of people that become lost or can't find a sign to the right location is incredible, and people finding themselves in a free studio instead of in the talk they expected may ruin your event. There are a few steps to take to ensure each aspect of your events links together perfectly.

Large signs

Many conferences find themselves attempting to minimise signage to appear less cluttered. However, placing a sign with a splash of colour is a way to stop a visitors' search for the right location, and can make people want to spend more time at your event.

Constant support

Having a digital display at your event to guide guests is good, but you will lose control over the crowd if your LED display fails. With constant support, you can show video presentations and signage to your guests without worrying about an outage and needing to search for a solution.

Engaging design

A conference works in the same manner to a product. Products need to be well presented in order to attract buyers, which is impossible without colour and inviting signs meant to please. Always look to convey as much information as possible, but be brief.


Paying attention to environmental issues in the office and on the road are equally important. Eclipse is proud to help to achieve this goals by offering the following environmental support across our company:


All of the vehicles associated with our company are in line with emissions standards, so you can trust us to control our environmental impact.


Our company always look to recycle the materials we use, reducing our links to excessive waste and making what we have last.


We work closely with a range of charities, as we always seek to positively impact the world around us through what we do.

Energy efficiency

We use the latest technology, and seek to use new energy saving methods to reduce Eclipse's carbon footprint in our LED studio and through the office.

Product review

We review every one of our products before releasing them, so we know that we are not having an unintended negative impact on the world around us.

Long distance conference support

We understand that conferences and events can take place in a range of locations, and not everywhere is equipped with an LED studio to make your work look ideal. You don't have to search the local area for support, as the Eclipse team can help in any location.

LED Studio

An LED studio is a big step forward towards a quality conference or event. However, you won't always find a company with the ability to offer a colour LED screen for your conference.

Eclipse are happy to go on the road to get an LED setup built for your conference. Email our team the required LED and presentation specifications and we will offer a solution tailored to you that is sure to please.


The Eclipse team are flexible by location. You don't need to search for a new team to ensure an LED studio is built in every location you visit. We have links nationally, and can support your company in all of your LED needs wherever you are.

This means that you don't need to limit your event to the last place you held one. You can instead focus on hosting events in a range of locations without worrying about the technical aspects.