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Established over 30 years ago, Eclipse is a leading technical and creative production company that delivers shows and live events around the world. Our primary goal is to bring creative and excellent services to our clients that instil trust and confidence in our team.

No creative event that needs special effects can ever be complete without an innovative green room studio. Whether you are filming for a news production or a more special occasion, the green screen studios is going to be vital to creating a memorable and exciting experience for everyone watching.

At Eclipse Scenic, we’re proud to say that we have a green screen studio in London, to set the mood for your function, and leave a lasting impression. So, get in touch with Eclipse Scenic today to help take your next virtual or hybrid event to the next level.

Expand Your Possibilities By Using a Green Screen Studio

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What is a green screen studio?

A green screen studio is a huge green backdrop that is placed in the background of a shot. This allows the special effects team to add creative digital effects later on. From computer-generated imagery to footage, your options are endless when filming with a green screen.

A green screen can help you drop in any background images or effects that you want behind the actors and/or news and weather reporters. It’s often used in film production to put the background you desire behind the presenter or actor.

Green screens first came into use by George Albert Smith in 1898, who used a black cloth to make objects supposedly vanish. Fast forward to today where many productions are using green screen studios. Whether you’re a vlogger, in the video game industry, or a photographer, many people around the world are learning and benefiting from green screen technology.

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Expand your possibilities by using a green screen studio with Eclipse

• Due to COVID-19 many events have gone virtual. You may assume that the feel and look of a traditional live environment are lost. However, with our Virtual Events Studio – you don’t need to worry anymore. It has an LED wall to fully replicate physical events even as you're live streaming.

• You can use the green screen studio with Eclipse for any of the following reasons: to facilitate virtual meetings across multiple locations, to deliver training programmes or to broadcast company announcements internally or externally.

• It’s a flexible space that you can regularly set up as you please with our lighting equipment, cameras and music programmes.

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Why choose to use a green screen studio

• Wide range of uses of a green screen studio

The green screen studio is perfect for chroma key video production, TV promos, theatre promos, TV commercials, music videos and live stream news productions and entertainment shows.

• Lead by your project

In some cases, films can only be filmed against a green screen; particularly if you need special effects. One of the biggest benefits of a green screen studio is that you won’t have to alter or compromise your project. Instead, your project can lead how the film or news production will look as you’re not restricted at all.

• Work within your allocated budget

If you need to travel to a physical environment for a film shoot, chances are you’ll be paying a lot of money for flights, a venue and a hotel. With a green screen studio, on the other hand, not only will you be saving on costs, but you can easily predict the entire filming process. For instance, you won’t need to worry about the weather – you can make the green screen have a sunny background all the time. Alternatively, you could travel to 15 cities in one day with a green screen studio if you need to.

• Blank canvas

Green screen filming gives you a blank canvas to generate ideas and to get the creative juices flowing. For example, a news presenter can appear on 50 screens showing festivals around the world. Whereas in reality, they’re in a green room studio.

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