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Eclipse Global is a technical production company that has 30 years of experience creating and designing a virtual events platform. Our 100 person team use different and innovative interactive effects to boost the attendee experience to your event, whilst staying true to your brand.

Eclipse work with different engagement tools, event planners, use video conferences, and team-building sessions when working on each event to ensure that we stay true to the brief. We work hard to bring each company into the 21st century with their event, knowing that it takes more to engage attendees than a blank screen.

During the process, we operate with our clients to create an engaging experience for attendees. Filling an event with the tips and tricks we’ve gained over the years from different types of virtual events, and so we understand how important an event platform and a live stream can be for a business in terms of networking and for social media presence.

Over the last 10 years in particular we have been using the latest in technology to develop our product so that we can boost engagement throughout our social events. We keep the audience captivated in a way that leads to successful event reviews from clients and attendees.

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When may you want to use virtual events?

There are several different reasons as to when you may want to host online events. First of all, you may choose to use virtual social tools when event planning for an added social media presence for your brand, rather than opting for a physical event. This is easily transferrable through the use of the event technology in pre-recorded virtual sessions and live streaming. This can help you reach out to a new audience if videos from your online event end up on different ‘for you’ pages across social platforms, for example.

You may want to consider hosting a virtual event when you wish to reach out to international audiences, as they remove the difficulties of turning up to a live event. You simply log on to your laptop or use a mobile app to join online.

Eclipse Virtual Event Studio - With Green Screen And Online Broadcasting

How can Eclipse help with your virtual event platform?

There are many different ways in which Eclipse can help you with the best virtual event:

• We can help you reach event attendees with push notifications that alert each person when you’re about to start a virtual event such as virtual meetings.

• During a virtual event we can use interactive features across different platforms such as live chat, virtual networking, virtual conferences and breakout rooms for a more positive event experience for each person.

• We can use our knowledge of the different types of virtual space to ensure a captivating platform for attendees.

• If you need to host the next virtual event we can use an event planner to help you plan a successful virtual platform.


What are the benefits of virtual events?

There are many benefits of virtual events for both the client and attendees:

• Events online are easier to turn up to as you can get started through links found on the event website.

• There’s added audience interactivity when compared to a trade show as attendee engagement will rise with people feeling more comfortable in a virtual environment.

• Throughout the event attendance can be monitored so that you know which demographics you’re hitting.

• Depending on the type of event you want to run, there can be a post-event forum or a virtual meeting that allows attendees to engage with you on the points you discussed.

• A live broadcast would allow attendees to come and go as they wish without the embarrassment of having to physically get up and move around as you would during live trade shows.

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