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Based in London and serving clients from around the globe, Eclipse is among the leading corporate event organisers. We’re dedicated to planning and elevating your hybrid event, making it an exceptional day or night to remember for all attendees.

Hybrid events are events that combine an in-person element with that of a virtual online element. Hybrid events are available in many in-person formats, such as conferences, workshops, seminars and more; the digital aspects that we can help you to integrate seamlessly into your event include live streaming, online video meetings, interactive presentations, and more.

Live events are improved tenfold when it’s evident that the production value is high. Impress other companies, your partners, and more with your next virtual hybrid event.

If you’re interested in hosting a live hybrid event such as a conference or live stream, look no further than Eclipse. We’re global experts in creating bespoke hybrid events on demand with our hybrid event studios, providing the platform and tools you need to effortlessly impress your in-person and virtual attendees. Get started towards the planning of your next event by consulting with our expert team today.

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Ways that Eclipse can help with your hybrid event

If you're interested in hosting a hybrid event on behalf of your business, Eclipse is the perfect comprehensive event solutions company to deliver what you envision. There are many ways that we can help to create an optimal event experience, including:

• Technology: We are experts in an array of the most contemporary, state-of-the-art technologies designed to make anything possible. Technology can be used to connect with audiences from across your company's industry and beyond, resulting in a virtual event that reaches everyone it needs to with complete ease.

• Audiences: We help to undertake all manners of set production and design that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your audience, be that visually or in terms of accessibility. If you're looking for an event solution that takes your audience into account, then Eclipse is the perfect virtual event provider for you to host your event with.

• Engagement: We help to ensure all attendees remain engaged from start to finish thanks to our expertise in many essential aspects, such as video production, animation, graphic design and more. Eclipse events are more than mere events - they're a comprehensive platform that allows you to access and present your content in a successful way, every time.

• Support: We have an extensive network of connections across London, including unique venue spaces that make for the perfect event platform for your sessions or virtual and hybrid events. Thanks to our in-depth support, you can enjoy complete event management without stress, fuss, or worry.


Why should you choose to stage a hybrid event?

There are many reasons why choosing to stage a hybrid event is the best way to engage attendees and improve your overall company reputability and brand awareness.

• Versatility: One of the main benefits of hybrid events is the way in which they allow for complete versatility in design, production and overall attendee experience. Wherever and whatever your hybrid event site is, hybrid events can be hosted bespoke to your needs, encompassing all of the features that truly matter.

• Accessibility: Companies that value accessibility will value hybrid events due to the many ways in which they can be tailored to provide a solution for all kinds of attendee needs. Even virtual attendees can enjoy great streaming connectivity, thanks to our high-quality equipment and access to technology and production software.

• Modernity: Hybrid virtual events combine the in-person with the digital, resulting in state-of-the-art events that present your content in an interesting and engaging manner. Stream everything you need to simply and reliably, whilst hosting your in-person event with complete confidence in the digital products that you're backed by.

• Connectivity: Connect with the rest of your industry with hybrid meetings that utilise technology effectively in order to present content, data, analytics and more. Whether you need to speak with your team, carry out registration or even hand out awards, live sessions offered by virtual hybrid events offer complete communication reliability.

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