Helping you visualise your event before it happens

Seeing a set design in 3D and using mapping rooms provides a realistic and immersive view of your event in advance of the date. We also use the latest technology so the design in 3D can be shown within your proposed venue.

Some examples of our recent 3d designs & room mapping

Using the latest software packages, we are able to visualise our ideas for you in both 2D & 3D so that all organising parties can see clearly how the design will look. Additionally, we can also digitally map and CAD any venue, allowing us to place our proposed designs in the actual event space.

Coca-cola 3D stage setup and black chairs for guests
The 3D stage set up with white chairs and a man standing in front at the House of Fraser event
Tables and chairs for the guests and the 3D stage set up with a big screen at the Deloitte Conference
Creative stage setup and a red carpet
Creative 3D stage setup with 3 black chairs, 2 big screens and a podium
A big wide screen on a creative 3D stage set up and the reserved tables and seats for guests at AM Awards 2015
A simple 3D stage setup for attitude awards 2013 with a screen and lightings in front of the reserved tables and seats for the guests
3D stage set up with 5 black chairs, 2 podiums, a table and a wide screen
A 3D photo booth with a big frame of Build it and posters of its sponsor for Built it Awards 2015
3D stage setup for petroleum economist awards 2015
Creative 3D stage setup and design for PLATIS 2015 Global Metal Awards
3D design concept for an event.
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