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Over the last thirty years, Eclipse has been working hard to evolve its service and ensure it delivers the best possible solutions to companies both inside and outside the UK. Whether delivering on permanent installations, set builds, creative design or even venue relations, Eclipse is proud to offer a fully-integrated set of event solutions to deliver technical excellence in event production.

Providing solutions to leading venues, corporate clients and agencies in the UK, Europe and beyond, there’s a specialist team equipped for every need. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create and deliver your dream event, which is why we inspire complete confidence and trust to our clients.

 “Using their creative prowess, industry-leading lighting and sound equipment, and world-class staging, Eclipse’s professional and experience team transformed our beautiful grounds. The Eclipse team pulled out all the stops.”

Katie burns, Regional Sales and Central Events Director at Chewton Glen

With a full-set of solutions for event management, explore our services below, or get in touch if you wish to discuss a specific enquiry.

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