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At Eclipse we understand that in order to be a true leader in the creative production world that you must continue to invest in new technology. So far in 2015 we have invested in some exciting new equipment, as well as refreshing some of our stock that has served us well over the years.


Last year we made the decision to invest in a stock of Clay Paky moving light fixtures. Every year they push the limits of what can be achieved from a luminaire, achieving unbelievable results with ultra-efficient optics, sharp gobos and bright, vivid colours. We found that the stock of Alphaspot 700 HPEs and Alphawash 700s gave a base for multi-purpose lighting, excellent for livening up a conference, or adding full-blown moving light effects to a DJ act or a rock band. We have this year built on this, adding the spectacular, eye-catching effects provided by the A-leda K10 B-eye units. These LED wash lights, are small, and incredibly energy efficient, with state-of-the-art LEDs which do not compromise on either brightness or colours. But, they really come into their own with mid-air effects. Each LED on the face of the unit can provide moving beams which pulse and rotate, ideal for adding the wow factor to an awards show. This year we will be investing further in Clay Paky’s range of moving lights so watch this space!


Traditionally Eclipse has been a stalwart supporter of the D&B system, having a full fleet of their products means we can scale systems up or down with simplicity and be safe in the knowledge that the system will always sound excellent. For the first time, we have decided to add to this range with an offering from another manufacturer. The K-Array system (specifically the KR402) is an innovation from Italy, involving line-array theory built into a simple floor standing speaker system, meaning a PA that may have taken 6 or more speaker positions can be provided from 2. This obviously means for a quicker, cleaner setup, but also an opportunity to have a PA system where the sound truly feels like it is coming from the stage. On top of this the low profile design improves sight-lines to stage. We were sceptical when we first demo’d it, but as they say “hearing is believing”, and as soon as we had the demo of the units we realised quite how much they are capable of.

On top of this we have expanded our fleet of digital desks by adding the new Allen & Heath QU24 mixing desks. These 24 channel desks have a huge level of functionality, with a very simple workflow, enabling the sound engineer free to concentrate on the important parts: making it sound good, and not missing cues!


We have extended our stock of 20K Panasonic projectors. Since we first invested in this range these units have been at the centre of some of our most prestigious events, from edge-blending at Grosvenor House to projection mapping in the NEC, these projectors offer us everything we need and more!

As plasma screen technology becomes outdated by LED-backlit solutions we have stepped over to the Samsung ranges. These low-profile, fine-bezel displays have a slick look that works well, whether it is built into a stage-set or as part of an exhibition stand. They have excellent contrast ratio, as well as a crystal clear Full HD display. We now have a large stock of 55″ displays, as well as 75″ and even a pair of 95″ screens, perfect for those events when you simply cannot physically fit a projector into your room layout.

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