Trustly Group – Trustly Nights 1920s Speakeasy Dinner

Trustly Group partnered with Eclipse to transform the Arnold Hills room at London Stadium into a 1920s Speakeasy for a dinner event featuring live jazz music. With a challenging brief and a strict budget, Eclipse provided a range of services, including custom scenic elements, luxury draping, lighting, and vintage-style props and furniture. 

Challenges and Solutions

The client’s brief was broad, requiring Eclipse to develop multiple ideas to capture their vision while staying within budget constraints. Through strong communication and creativity, the team was able to adjust their designs and deliver the client’s vision for the event. 

Client Feedback

The Trustly Nights event was a resounding success, with the client particularly impressed by the scenic elements Eclipse provided. The team’s ability to bring all elements together and deliver on the client’s vision was highly appreciated. 

Eclipse was proud of the exceptional scenic work, which was well-planned, easy to install, and visually stunning. Despite the 1920s theme limiting the use of audio-visual technology, the team delivered high-quality sound and lighting that perfectly complemented the event. 

Future Collaboration

There is no mention of immediate re-booking, but the success of Trustly Nights and the client’s satisfaction with Eclipse’s work suggest potential for future collaborations.