As COVID-19 restrictions continue to fluctuate from country to country, maintaining multiple considerations for event planners, the confidence of international, physical-only event formats remains unstable. While this may be the case, in 2022 the adoption of virtual event formats shouldn’t be taxing, nor should it leave organisers and delegates feeling uninspired – this isn’t your weekly Microsoft Teams call or standard Zoom webinar.

Delivering a global virtual conference for the world’s largest independent tax organisation, Taxand, we demonstrated yet again just how immersive, engaging and successful these events can be with a little production power behind them.

Connecting 1,250 of its staff and tax professionals from Asia, Australia, Europe and America, for Taxand this was a big challenge, with no one better equipped than Eclipse to deliver its first ever virtual event.

Splitting the event over two days while complying with various time zones to support attendance, Taxand were immediately impressed with our consultative and creative approach, going above and beyond to evaluate every event element beyond just our direct responsibility.

Broadcasting live from our virtual events studio and other global locations, bespoke digital environments were developed for use throughout the event, helping bring presentations, client panels and Q&A sessions to life.

The client was delighted with how professional the final production was, commending Eclipse for its seamless delivery and eye for detail. From undertaking its first ever virtual event, we’re delighted to have been invited to deliver its next virtual conference in 2022.