As our motto goes, Anything Is Possible, and while COVID-restrictions may apply we will always find a solution to ensure that the show goes on.

Managing a month-long art installation in West London, Team Eclipse were recently tasked with bringing not just an event, but art to life, employing creative solutions to showcase the recent Breath Is Invisible art exhibition in all its glory. 

Treating every event like no other, the team were left inspired by the client’s mission, going above and beyond to complement the issues of social inequality and injustice expressed through powerful creative pieces. Recognising and truly appreciating the fine details on show, LED walls and tiles were actively installed to complement the artwork and its pertinence with visitors.

Located in a disused retail space of a residential area, Eclipse opted to install a remote access system to fully operate the control system, whereby the brightness and appearance of the exhibition could be adjusted in real-time so as not to disturb residences in the area throughout the evening. 

Operating a streamlined crew in respect of government guidelines, our expert team received high praise for the seamless set-up and derigging of the event, while the remote access system ensured the client did not have to rely on volunteers to manage part of the production logistics as originally planned. 

Expressing their gratitude, the client was delighted with the results.  

What they say

I wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you for helping us on Martyn Ware x Zachary Eastwood-Bloom exhibition. I was a pleasure working with you on this and I hope you enjoyed the results as well.  We’ve got a great response from the public and art world. So, well done.

— Dasha, Freelance Event Producer