Kerslake Robshaw foundation Event

Kerslake Robshaw Foundation Charity Fundraiser

Legend Holidays & Events hosted a charity fundraiser dinner for the Kerslake Robshaw Foundation at the Hurlingham Club. With the foundation’s focus on the benefits of sport and music for children, music played a significant role in the event. Eclipse provided audio support for multiple live musical performances, camera-specific lighting, and a PTZ camera system with large relay screens to ensure optimal audience engagement. 

Event Overview

The Hurlingham Club’s event space is wide with numerous pillars, which posed challenges for sightlines and sound dispersion. Eclipse worked closely with the client to achieve a balance between an excellent audio-visual experience and budget constraints. The team utilized 3D designs and client feedback to create a visually appealing and well-organized event space.

Client Feedback

The client was delighted with the sound quality, lighting, and visuals provided by Eclipse. They appreciated the team’s tireless efforts in overcoming the challenges posed by the venue and ensuring a smooth event. The client expressed their gratitude in a testimonial, highlighting the seamless transitions between event elements and the high-quality camera work. 

The Eclipse team was proud of delivering a polished and well-executed event, with seamless transitions between various event elements. The camera work, in particular, provided high-quality images for the client, despite the challenges of the sightlines and wide room. 

Future Collaboration

While there is no mention of immediate re-booking, the client expressed their hope to work together again in the future, indicating a positive collaboration and potential for future projects.