Earlier this year we worked with Innovate Finance to produce their 2016 Global Summit.

Held at the historic Guildhall the 2016 summit championed and celebrated the latest developments in FinTech.

Our teams carefully planned how we would utilise the space to ensure that the clients message and branding was prominent but not overly intrusive as to not reduce the impact of the space.

For this event we supplied a 7.5m x 3m LED wall which allowed us to have four inputs at any one time. By doing this we enabled our client to have a main presentation area, a live camera feed, a twitter ticker and an area for their logo.

Aside from being an impressive centre piece for the conference, the LED wall allowed us to combat the path of the sun that would normally have a negative impact on any projection or screen used in the space. Ultimately the LED wall served as a perfect solution to combat light issues as well as giving the client a fresh new feel for their event.

The client asked us to create a vibrant, eye catching signage concept to promote their exhibitors and due to the complexities of the space we created a solution that did not impact on floor space but still allowed us to elevate the exhibitors brand profile. To do this we personalised helium balloons with custom branding for each exhibitor, complete with ribbons and weights in specific colours to denote the separate areas of the exhibition.

This two day event welcomed 2000 delegates, all of which are members of the Innovate Finance initiative that is led by government to promote FinTech companies.