A crew of more than 30 travelled from Eclipse in London to the Belgian capital to produce 25 Years Young – an event held to mark the 25th anniversary of essential oils company Young Living.

The brief was to provide a main stage, expo area and gala dinner set for 1,200 attendees, but with it being such a landmark occasion, the production had to be bigger and better than anything the company had experienced before.

There was one large open space where the expo and gala dinner would be held. It would also be used to host a conference and the catering team, so Eclipse needed to use creative thinking to segregate certain spaces while also ensuring that delegates could flow through the space freely.

The space was also dressed using a variety of suitable props, from bikes that could blend smoothies when ridden, to slushy machines, fluffy rugs, make-up counters and even a washing machine.

As with any event taking place outside the UK, there were added logistical challenges involved in the creation of 25 Years Young. However, meticulous planning and frequent calls with all parties involved led to a smooth delivery.

Taking time to understand the Young Living brand and the company helped Eclipse to engage better with the brief and bring the event to life, which was appreciated by the company.

Through planning, understanding, good communication, hard work and team spirit, Eclipse produced a winning event or Young Living and we are already in discussion to produce next year’s event.