Team Eclipse - Young Living

”What an amazing weekend we have had! It’s actually the most successful event we have had in Europe to date – in terms of attendance and sales!”

Essential Oils company, Young Living had a dilemma. Their annual 3-day conference and expo, which had been in planning for months, was scheduled to take place in Valencia on the 4th, 5th and 6th September 2020. Hundreds of attendees were due to descend on the Spanish town, mostly travelling from the United States and a range of European destinations. With travel restrictions still in place – and in many cases, tightened – they called on Eclipse to adapt the conference to a completely virtual offering.

Young Living’s aims were clear: they wanted to make sure their attendees received the same quality experience they would have received if attending the live event, including workshops, expo area to showcase all products, a conference with keynote speakers and a family friendly space for the Young Living community. Eight members of the Eclipse team spent months working with the Young Living team to deliver just that.

In order for the conference and product launch to have the same look and feel as it had in previous years, Eclipse consulted with the organisers to help pick the preferred platform to best deliver the different experiences. The conference, which was broadcast live to over 2000 attendees all over the world, was filmed at multiple venues and locations around Europe, along with editing, translation and website environment in the UK. Eclipse created a bespoke stage set situated at a partnered venue for the keynote presenters, with a live band and customised 3D animations of the Young Living range created to allow attendees to have a better understanding of the new products.

Turning a physical event with so many different experiences into a virtual one was not without its challenges. Many discussions, video calls and demos took place between the Eclipse and Young Living teams in order to successfully re-model the event, making sure every video edit, 3D render and graphic design was ready in time to be pushed out live on the day. The positive feedback from the members and attendees speaks for itself – the client is already talking about next year’s Young Living European Convention 2021 and how Eclipse can take it to new heights.

What they say

It was a pleasure working with Eclipse for our very first virtual event. They were extremely helpful in providing us with the tools to pivot into what was completely new ground for us. They were able to deliver an event experience inclusive of virtual platform design, video production and stage design for our two-day packed event. Although this was a first, we have managed to produce our most successful event to date! We hope to recreate more virtual experiences in the future, and we will certainly use the expertise at Eclipse to help facilitate this.

— Annabeth - Senior Events Coordinator