PLC Awards Stage

The Ford Sinclair PLC Awards

PLC Awards

Ford Sinclair Ltd organized the PLC Awards, an event celebrating the achievements of companies listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. Eclipse was entrusted with creating a memorable awards show, which took place on March 16, 2023, at the Intercontinental Park Lane. This case study showcases the event’s highlights, the challenges encountered, and the satisfaction expressed by the client. 

Event Overview 

Client Name/Company: Ford Sinclair Ltd Name of Event: PLC Awards Purpose of Event: Awards Show Venue and Location: Intercontinental Park Lane In which room was the event held? Ballroom & Park Lane Suites Number of Delegates: 470 Date of Event: 16th March 2023 Filming: No 

The Brief 

The PLC Awards aimed to celebrate the success of companies and individuals within the “plc club.” Eclipse was responsible for creating a set design, providing lighting, sound, and AV solutions, and managing all aspects of the awards ceremony. Key deliverables included: 

  • Set design for the awards stage and background • Lighting solutions for all event areas • Sound system for reception, awards ceremony, MC, and comedian • AV solutions for branding and ambiance • Rise and fall autocue system • Award plinth for displaying awards • Lectern for host and guest speakers

Eclipse Team 

A team of 8 Eclipse professionals worked on the event, ensuring a successful awards show. 

Challenges and Solutions 

The client requested early rehearsals at 2 pm, which required adjustments to the setup and crew while remaining within budget constraints. Eclipse overcame this challenge through efficient pre-planning and a detailed ROS (running order sheet), enabling a smooth event delivery. 

Client Satisfaction 

Ford Sinclair Ltd was highly pleased with the stage design’s overall look and the seamless delivery of the awards show. 

The Eclipse team took pride in their detailed pre-planning, which facilitated a smooth delivery on the night of the event. Their expertise in managing various aspects of the awards show contributed to the event’s success. 

Ford Sinclair Ltd was satisfied with Eclipse’s work and has re-booked their services for two more events in the coming year: the EMA and UK Tech Awards, both to be held at INTE. This re-booking demonstrates the continued trust in Eclipse’s capabilities and their dedication to delivering exceptional events.