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Cloud Based Event

1LoD is a company that knows more about risk than many. With a main focus on providing the highest quality events to risk and control practitioners globally, they were faced with an almost impossible task when the pandemic hit and they were unable to deliver their usual global schedule of events throughout 2020.

After much deliberation and discussion, the decision was taken to cancel all planned events for 2020, and instead pull together one large scale virtual event delivering all the content from their entire calendar in one go. No mean feat at all – and Eclipse jumped on the case to help deliver it.

This was a huge event for Eclipse to pull off, with over 25 dedicated engineers and technicians working in shifts around the clock to ensure its success. Delivered over three timezones – EMEA, APAC and North America – simultaneously, the event featured a large number of speakers, remote presenters and panellists with both live and pre-recorded segments running concurrently. Over 30 videos were edited in the week before the event, all incorporated seamlessly into the virtual space.


Eclipse utilised a Cloud based system called AWS

Eclipse utilised Vmix with five stations running five concurrent streams, as well as 12 different Zoom accounts. To deal with the high number of remote presenters and panellists being dialled in on the concurrent streams and to reduce the amount of hardware required, Eclipse utilised a Cloud based system called AWS to ensure the bandwidth limit at Eclipse HQ was not overloaded. This solution saved set up time and reduced space required for delivery – in excess of 50 physical laptops would have been used to host the remote presenters and panellist, and this solution reduced it to only 14 units.

One of the big issues when dealing with a global, virtual event is the level of connectivity at the source. Not everyone has a stable internet connection, and when speakers, moderators and panellists rely on their internet connection, contingencies have to be put in place. A full audit was conducted before the event which identified certain issues with unstable internet connections at home. To ensure a seamless connection throughout the event, a 4G unit was sent to the moderator with the issue at home, and it delivered perfectly.


Logistics is everything for an event of this magnitude, and Eclipse is proud to have delivered a successful large-scale event that was a first of its kind in the industry. It’s a testament to this success that the client has booked another similar scale event in May 2021!

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What they say

Eclipse were an essential part of our team and helped and supported us every step of the way. We would be lost without them.

— - Layla, Head of Operations, 1LoD