Global Hybrid Event

Event Overview:
In a pioneering hybrid event for WWOM, Eclipse and Headlight showcased their innovative capabilities by connecting over 1000 attendees from Dallas, Vienna, Mumbai, and online. The event stood out due to its focus on sustainability, advanced technological integration, and the ability to offer a cohesive experience across all platforms.

The Challenge:
Creating an engaging and unified experience for attendees worldwide presented a unique set of challenges. These included synchronising content across multiple time zones, ensuring real-time interaction, and upholding high sustainability standards.

Our Solution:
Our approach to overcoming these challenges was multifaceted:

Unified Stage and Set Design: Achieving a consistent look and feel across different venues with a sustainable LED backdrop.

Advanced 3D Visualization: Providing cohesive content and signage for a harmonised attendee experience.

Innovative Digital Integration: Enabling real-time interaction between global participants through cutting-edge digital portals.

Seamless Global Coordination: Linking systems worldwide to function as a unified operational team.

Low Latency Connectivity: Implementing state-of-the-art connectivity solutions for instant communication across venues.

Client Testimonial:

“We have had the pleasure of partnering with Eclipse for our most important events. Their unparalleled AV and production expertise, coupled with a relentless commitment to excellence, transformed our objectives into a visually and technically flawless event. The Eclipse team’s creativity, resourcefulness, and meticulous attention to detail ensured our message captivated the audience profoundly.

Their dedication to innovation introduced us to technologies that significantly enhanced the event’s quality, setting a new industry standard. Eclipse’s ability to integrate high-end equipment and immersive environments mesmerised our attendees, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Moreover, Eclipse’s reliability, responsiveness, and adaptability to meet our stringent deadlines and changes made them exemplary partners. Their unwavering professionalism and commitment shone throughout our collaboration, making them an indispensable part of our success.

Working with Eclipse has been an extraordinary experience. Their passion and unwavering dedication have made them an invaluable partner, fully deserving of the ‘Supplier of the Year: AV & Production’ award.”

What Made Eclipse Proud:

The WWOM 2022 event represents a benchmark in hybrid event production, showcasing Eclipse’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client success. The event not only fulfilled but exceeded client expectations, reinforcing Eclipse’s position as a leader in global event production.

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