Eclipse partnered with Auctane to design, manage, and install various elements for The Delivery Conference 2023 held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. The event aimed to provide an engaging and immersive experience for the attendees in a conference setting. 

The Challenge 

The Delivery Conference presented several challenges for the Eclipse team, including: 

  1. A wide room with poor viewing angles. 
  2. Low ceilings, requiring discrete placement of speakers and lighting fixtures. 
  3. The need to create two separate breakout spaces within the main plenary. 
Solutions & Execution 
  1. Eclipse overcame these challenges by employing the following strategies: 
  2. Using four 7m-wide LED walls displaying dynamic full-screen graphics, slide content, and live camera feeds to facilitate engagement. 
  1. Employing LED lighting fixtures to reduce power consumption and ensure adequate coverage without obstructing sightlines. 
  1. Utilizing 32 pixel-mappable lighting tubes for dynamic lighting effects on a budget. 
  1. Designing the main plenary as two isolated systems that could be linked together. 
  1. Implementing cloud-based file storage and sharing for managing last-minute speaker slide edits. 
  1. Live streaming all sessions privately to video screens in the exhibition space and the speaker briefing room. 
  1. Using top-spec digital radio microphones for high channel count in a location with radio frequency spectrum congestion. 
Results & Client Testimonial 

“Thanks once again for a fantastic event! So much great feedback on production which is great!” – Head of Events & Partner Marketing, Auctane Europe 

The client was pleased with the overall production, particularly the switch from projection to LED solutions for the plenary, which enhanced the event’s content presentation. The speaker management was also highly praised. 

Team Highlights 

The Eclipse team was proud of their ability to program complex content in less than two hours and their excellent teamwork onsite. 

Future Collaboration 

Eclipse has been working with Auctane since 2018, and the client is looking forward to collaborating on future events, including next year’s conference. 

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