Event Overview:

Eclipse Global was presented with a significant challenge for the OCWT event hosted by MCI Dorier. The event was a large-scale conference with an expo, requiring extensive AV setup across multiple areas including a 200 SQM LED wall for the main auditorium, three black box theatres, multiple breakout rooms with full AV and streaming services, two smaller theatres, registration areas, and an exhibition space.

The Challenge:

The main brief was received only 48 hours before installation was due to begin, setting the stage for an intense preparation period. The requirements included not only the immense logistical challenge of coordinating the extensive AV equipment but also managing the significant staffing demands.

Our Solution:

With a core team of 15 and over 100 additional crew members, Eclipse demonstrated exceptional agility and resourcefulness. The efforts included:

A four-hour intensive client briefing and subsequent planning on a Saturday morning.

Rapid assembly of a senior team and coordination with partners to secure the necessary equipment and personnel.

Effective division of the event across multiple spaces to ensure seamless delivery of each aspect.

Results and Client Feedback:

Against all odds and industry scepticism, Eclipse successfully executed a complex and large-scale event. The client praised Eclipse’s responsiveness, commitment, and professionalism, describing the company’s involvement as the ‘miracle’ needed for the event’s success.


“S√©bastien Chausset de Dorier thanked Eclipse for their responsiveness, commitment, and professionalism, acknowledging the miraculous effort made by the team.”

“Roger Hooker, ExCeL COO, expressed gratitude for Eclipse’s support in keeping the show live and delivered within just seven days.”

“MCI Dorier highlighted the impossibility of the project’s success without Eclipse’s professionalism and the team’s dedication.”

What Made Us Proud:

The ability to meet an extremely tight deadline with a large-scale and complex setup showcased Eclipse’s unparalleled dedication and capability. The overwhelming positive feedback from clients and partners alike underlined the company’s commitment to excellence and resilience under pressure, making this one of the most memorable and rewarding projects for the Eclipse team.

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