Event Overview: 

HSMAI’s ROC Europe 2024 was a three-day event focused on hospitality revenue optimisation. The agenda included small group workshops, breakout sessions, a large conference, an award dinner, and a concluding boardroom meeting. Eclipse was tasked with the comprehensive production setup for this multifaceted event. 

The Challenge: 

With just a week’s notice, Eclipse had to organize and execute the varied requirements of a multi-day conference. The event required multiple room turnovers, with the most significant being between the first and second days and another between the conference and the award dinner. 

Eclipse’s Solution: 

Eclipse demonstrated exceptional agility and coordination: 

  • Rapid Response: The team, led by the Account Manager, Rose, collaborated closely with the hotel staff and other stakeholders to ensure swift and effective planning. 
  • Efficient Turnarounds: Managed significant set changes efficiently, allocating tasks among the Project Manager (PM), Technical Manager (TM), and Visual Manager (VM) to ensure smooth transitions between event segments. 
  • Flexibility: Adapted to last-minute changes and requirements, maintaining a high standard of delivery throughout the event. 
Results and Client Feedback: 

The client was highly satisfied with Eclipse’s ability to deliver a comprehensive and engaging event on such short notice, particularly commending the team’s responsiveness and adaptability to changes. The smooth execution of the event highlighted Eclipse’s capability in managing and delivering complex events. 

What Made Eclipse Proud: 

The team was most proud of their collaborative effort and the ability to meet the demands of a significant event with limited preparation time. Their capacity to handle quick turnarounds and adapt to changing requirements under pressure showcased their professionalism and dedication to client service. 

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