Event Overview: 

Brook Green held an exclusive dinner event for 22 VIPs at the iconic Tower Bridge Walkways. Tasked with creating an elegant dining experience without compromising the limited space, Eclipse was challenged to ensure the event not only met but exceeded the high expectations associated with such a prestigious setting. 

The Challenge: 

The main challenges included logistical restrictions related to the venue’s accessibility and structural limitations, as well as coordinating with new catering and management staff. Specific hurdles included transportation of equipment due to parking restrictions and the short window for setup post-public hours. 

Eclipse’s Solution: 
Eclipse’s innovative solutions included: 
  • Elegant Lighting: Utilised magnetic pin spots to enhance the dining table with warm white lighting, creating an intimate and elegant atmosphere without occupying additional space. 
  • Aesthetic Integration: Employed a star cloth to discreetly cover one of the venue’s large displays near the cloakroom area, maintaining the event’s aesthetic coherence. 
  • Logistics and Coordination: Managed the transportation challenges and the tight setup timeframe by coordinating effectively with venue staff and other suppliers, ensuring priority access to essential areas. 
Results and Client Feedback: 

The client was particularly impressed with the intimate ambience achieved through the pinpoint lighting, which added a warm and elegant touch to the dinner setting. Despite the logistical challenges and last-minute changes, the event was executed flawlessly, showcasing Eclipse’s ability to adapt and deliver under pressure. 

What Made Eclipse Proud: 

The team took pride in their ability to navigate the unique challenges of the venue and the event’s requirements within a short timeframe. The successful collaboration among team members, venue staff, and other suppliers, as well as the innovative problem-solving displayed, underscored Eclipse’s commitment to excellence. 

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