Event Overview: 

The Atos Technology Summit was designed to showcase Atos’s newly released technology and their upcoming products. The event served as a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of their innovations through tutorials and live demos, including an international call to display a new product live. 

The Challenge: 

The primary aim was to provide a setting that would enhance the visibility and interaction with Atos’s technology. The event required precise execution, including the setup of the stage, multiple screens for presentations, and the live demo. Furthermore, there were a few last-minute changes that needed immediate attention to ensure the event’s success. 

Eclipse’s Solution: 

Eclipse delivered by providing comprehensive event production services: 

  • Stage and Visuals: Supplied a well-constructed stage and multiple screens to facilitate effective presentation of the content and live demos. 
  • Branding: Provided a branded lectern, aligning with Atos’s corporate identity and event theme. 
  • Adaptability: Successfully accommodated last-minute changes without compromising the event’s quality or execution. 
  • Teamwork: A dedicated team of six Eclipse professionals worked diligently to ensure the event ran smoothly. 
Results and Client Feedback: 

The Atos Technology Summit was executed flawlessly, much to the client’s satisfaction. Despite the challenges, the event was delivered without any issues, showcasing Eclipse’s commitment to excellence and adaptability. While formal feedback was not documented, the verbal appreciation and a grateful hug from the client post-event underscored the success of the collaboration. 

What Made Eclipse Proud: 

Eclipse took great pride in the seamless execution of the Atos Technology Summit. The team’s ability to handle unexpected changes efficiently and maintain a high standard of delivery was particularly commendable. This event further solidified Eclipse’s reputation for excellence in event production, particularly in the tech industry. 

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