Long live longevity

We live in a fast-moving society where change is not only expected but encouraged. Take our working life, for example. The generation currently reaching retirement age is more likely to have worked at the same company for more than a decade, while, according to research by Deloitte, almost half of Millennials – those born between 1983 and 1994 – prefer to change job every two years.

Change has many positive connotations: It can be a chance to challenge the status quo and brings new and exciting opportunities for those instigating it. However, while ‘a change can be as good as a rest’, there are also many benefits to resisting it.

Longevity, especially when related to our workforce and our relationships with clients, is something we celebrate at Eclipse. Our business has evolved over the last 30 years and has adapted well to the many changes experienced by the event industry, but we have also focused on nurturing important relationships with clients and partnerships with venues.

The emphasis on continuity has paid off. For example, the strong relationship we have nurtured with S&P Global Platts is one of the reasons why Eclipse has been chosen to produce the Global Energy Awards every year since their inception in 1999. The organisers recognise the value in consistency and continuity of service and trust Eclipse to deliver time and again.

Of course, we have innovated and evolved within the production of the Global Energy Awards. Continuity doesn’t mean that we can’t keep things fresh and exciting. Nevertheless, it is easier to innovate for a client when you truly understand what they are trying to achieve.

Our recognition of the benefits of longevity in the events industry is why Eclipse supported the ‘Best Longstanding Awards Event’ category at the 2019 Awards Awards.

The category honoured awards that have been in existence since before the turn of the millennium, but have managed to keep the magic alive and breathed new life into a well-established brand.

Sponsoring this category within such prestigious industry awards felt like exactly the right fit for Eclipse. We applaud longevity and enjoyed celebrating this important achievement with the finalists and the category winner at the awards last May.