Eclipse Produce Mind Blowing Event For Global Brand

In January we provided full technical production for a globally recognised beverage companies Kick-Off Event in Manchester Central. This sizeable venue provided an excellent canvas for us to show off our capabilities in all departments in a large format.

Our set design made the most of the space available, with three large flown full-HD screens crowning a wide arched set containing a walk-on space backed by a rear-projected screen. 3D models of the client logo added depth to the set, with two LED walls housed in circular apertures either side of the stage provided dynamic branding. An extended catwalk to a secondary presentation area gave a much more intimate feel to presentations than you would usually expect from an event this size.

Our D3 media server provided high-definition content created by our graphics team across all four projection screens, bringing the individual elements together as a single unit. This, paired with the two outer LED walls enabled us to brand the stage set with content relevant to each presentation.

A five-camera solution including roving cameras allowed us to dynamically capture the event, including live links from backstage, giving high production value to presentation feedback sessions.

All video content was ultimately managed by two Analog Way Ascenders, providing feeds to all projection screens, backstage areas, and a matrix of comfort monitors showing current slide, notes and countdown timer.

In order to provide sound coverage for such a large space, we opted for a line array solution. We supplied a discrete d&b Y-Series system, utilising array calculation software and precise array processing for optimal coverage and consistent frequency balance across the room.  Further point-source elements ensured that there were no dead spots, and gave the engineers full control over the extended presentation area. A cardioid sub array ensured that we were able to achieve the punch required in the right areas, whilst meeting the venue’s strict external noise limits.

Utilisation of the Dugan Automix system built in to the Yamaha QL5 at the FOH position, and high-quality DPA headset microphones meant that the engineer was confident that any number of presenters could be on stage without any difficulty achieving the required volume.

Finally, a lot of space requires a lot of lights, and this is exactly what our team of highly experienced engineers provided. Bookending our projection screens with Showtec Sunstrips gave some cost-effective sparkle, and a plethora of Robe Pointes and Clay Paky Sharpy Washes brought the rock & roll factor without consuming too much power. Further elements on stage allowed dynamic lighting of the set, and extra eye-candy.

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