Eclipse joins SRT Alliance as it continues commitment to event excellence

Global event production company Eclipse has joined the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Alliance, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to seamless virtual and hybrid event delivery.

The announcement follows Eclipse’s well-documented dedication towards offering the best virtual and hybrid event production services and will support the delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across public internet connections – mitigating issues many venues and event organisers and bookers are experiencing.

The SRT Alliance, founded by Haivision in April 2017, already has more than 500 members. Its mission is to overcome the challenges of low-latency live streaming by supporting the collaborative development of SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), the fastest growing open-source streaming project. SRT is a free open source video transport protocol and technology stack originally developed and pioneered by Haivision, which enables the delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across the public internet.

Jamie Castle, Director of Sales and Marketing at Eclipse, said: “Over the course of the last 20 months not only have we been investing in the latest technologies and capabilities to support our event solutions, but we have been working closely with organisations to spearhead the recent revolution of virtual event offerings.

“Through our ongoing knowledge sharing and open discussions with organisations we have played a key role in the development of virtual events and integrations that have today set the standard, and we’re delighted to be joining the SRT Alliance to continue doing just that.”

“With the SRT Alliance, Eclipse is joining an industry movement to improve the way the world streams video,” said  Suso Carrillo, Director SRT Alliance at Haivision. “We’re pleased to see the SRT protocol being actively implemented by some of the world’s biggest broadcast and enterprise streaming workflows as its adoption and industry-wide recognition continues to grow, becoming the defacto standard for low latency internet streaming.”

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