Eclipse Invest in Scent Releasing Speakers

April Fools 2016

We are excited to announce that we have been secretly developing a revolutionary product for future event productions-The Eclipse Scentertainment System!

This new sound technology development will change the way events are received by guests for the future. Using the power behind the vibration in sound waves (without giving away our secret) Eclipse will now be able to send out scents of any kind for future events.

Just like sound waves, our newly developed scent waves will also reflect off surfaces ensuring that the smells remain in the venue space much like the echo created by normal speakers.

A number of clients have already booked in our Scentertainment Systems for events this year including a launch for a new top of the range SUV where we will be sending out that new car smell and a horticultural event where we will be filling the room with that fresh cut grass scent!


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