Eclipse Get Even Greener

As a business you can always do more to help protect our environment and at Eclipse we took the decision earlier this year to make a big move to do just that.

We continually evaluate our methods to reduce our carbon footprint and with recycling policies, transport schemes and energy efficient power already in place we got our heads together to think of something bigger.

Historically Eclipse have been based across three sites, our HQ and two locations dedicated to set building and equipment storage. After reviewing the impact of transporting staff, equipment and full event sets between the three locations and event spaces we took the decision to invest in a central location bringing three buildings into one.

Our HQ remains at our original site in Beckenham, London and now our new set building site is a stone’s throw away in Croydon (right next to Ikea-handy for a quick meatball run!).

Whilst this has come at a cost we feel the positive impact we will play in helping our environment and the savings in transport that we can pass onto our clients makes the move more than worth it.

If you would like to come down and check out our new space or visit the Eclipse HQ just get in touch.