The Team

At Eclipse we are continually growing and evolving. Our main production unit houses an ever-expanding array of the latest presentation technology as well as our account, project, technical and design teams, whilst our subsidiary units house our set construction teams and facilities.

We have exciting plans for substantial future growth and hope to be able to share these with you in the very near future.

Our History

Established over 25 years ago, we have now become a team close to 100 strong! Along the way we have not only grown and diversified the business but also improved our processes and expanded our service offering to clients.


At Eclipse it is our policy to conduct our business in a way that will minimise any adverse effect on the environment. In order to achieve this we ensure that we use appropriate environmental practices in our day to day operations, use material from sustainable sources and use registered disposal companies for removal of all waste products. With a high number of vehicles coming and going from the warehouse every day we, of course, ensure all company vehicles meet all emission standards. Finally, as a modern responsible business, we ensure recycling of materials is mandatory and we always consider environmental impacts of new products employed or work undertaken.


Industry associations not only serve as a useful connecting point between like-minded businesses but also serve as an industry standard to benchmark ourselves against. We work with the leading associations in our field to ensure we continue to deliver the standard of service that our customers expect.

Inspirational Venues – With a holistic approach to the events industry inspirational venues take great pride in being a specialist agency who are highly experienced and well connected. At the core of their business values is the desire to do exceptional business with great clients and make a positive contribution to the events industry.

Please visit http://www.inspirationalvenues.com for more information


We welcome opportunities to support charities wherever possible. We have strong relationships with a number of organisations both in the form of regular donations and through complimentary support for their events.